Mass Effect 3: Operation Alloy event this weekend

Looking for an excuse to play a bit of Mass Effect 3 this weekend? Maybe you should check out Operation Alloy, a special multiplayer event hosted by BioWare. It’s a great opportunity to get your friends involved – train up some new recruits for the war against the Reapers!

The whole event has been designed to take advantage of the multiplayer Promotion mechanic. Create a custom character and complete missions to level them up. Once that character reaches level 20, you can promote them into the single-player campaign, which will boost your War Assets, which will make it easier to achieve the “better” endings.

…there’s a catch, though. By promoting a character to singleplayer, you’re also resetting them back to level 1.

[img_big]center,7251,2012-05-29/release__1_.jpg,Mass Effect 3[/img_big]

Your task, soldier, is to promote two characters. The entire Mass Effect 3 playerbase has been asked to promote 50,000 characters total, so every little bit helps. If you get your pair, you’ll win a Commendation Pack – and if the whole world reaches its goal, each gamer who participates will receive an increase in their medi-gel capacity, plus a nifty Victory Pack!

This all kicks off on August 24th at 11am MDT (What’s that where you are?) and runs until 5am, August 26th (in your time zone).

While the focus for this weekend is clearly on multiplayer, BioWare hasn’t forgotten about you single player folk – the next add-on for Mass Effect 3 is Leviathan, a single-player adventure.

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