Gearbox goes retro with Borderlands demake

Borderlands 2 still hasn’t quite hit shelves, but Gearbox would like to offer you the next best thing. A 16-bit demake of the original Borderlands, available right now, for free, online.

This is – believe it or not – an official piece of Gearbox marketing, and it’s pretty great.

The Border Lands

…welcome to The Border Lands…

As Claptrap explains:

Borderlands wasn’t always the slick, handsome bastard of a game it is today!
Go old skool and play the 1989 16-bit original to see how it all began.

I can’t believe how young I look!

If you’d like to try out The Border Lands, a top-down, 16-bit, browser-based rendition of the 2009 game you’ve played to death, here’s your chance! Head to and check it all out. (Sure, we could have said “The official website”, but, seriously, that domain is too great to keep under wraps.)

…and after all that, stay tuned for our intervie with Gearbox boss, Randy Pitchford!

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