More new Grand Theft Auto V screens: "Leisure"

Most of the time, new screenshots for a videogame aren’t front page news, particularly when there’s only three of them, and there were three released a little earlier in the week anyway. Most of the time, those screenshots aren’t for Grand Theft Auto V. Today, they are.

Following on from Monday’s Transport series, today we have a sampling of “Leisure” shots, straight from Rockstar Games. We have dirt bikes, tennis courts, and a little paragliding, all straight from GTAV, which still has absolutely no official release date.

[img_big]center,8614,2012-08-22/V-8-1280.jpg,Grand Theft Auto V[/img_big]

[img_big]center,8614,2012-08-22/V-7-1280.jpg,Grand Theft Auto V[/img_big]

[img_big]center,8614,2012-08-22/V-6-1280.jpg,Grand Theft Auto V[/img_big]

While we’d been hoping to receive a little more informative, these are still enough to keep us happy. Still, dear Rockstar, it would be really nice to get some actual details about what’s going on, some time soon.

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