Curiosity: Peter Molyneux's comeback delayed

If you were hanging out for Peter Molyneux’s big comeback slated for today, August 22nd, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Curiosity, the debut title from his new company, 22 Cans has been delayed, and is now due out some time next month.

As consolation, even though we didn’t get the game, we did get this new trailer, to give you an idea of just what we’re waiting for.

22 Cans‘ first project is a series of 22 experimental games, where each one has been designed with the express purpose of gathering user data. Sound a bit creepy? Molyneux will then use that harvested data in another of his games, which the former Lionhead boss hopes to release around 2014.

Curiosity is the first of these. Released exclusively for iOS, it features a large, black cube. Your task: To chip away at the monolith by tapping on it, until it finally breaks open. What’s inside? We don’t know, but Molyneux promises that the cube contains something “absolutely unique” and “truly amazing”.

…and if you’re impatient and don’t like tapping away at the standard rate, 22 Cans has hinted at plans for a much more powerful diamond chisel, offered as DLC for the game. The pricetag? A humble £50,000.

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