Resident will watch your every move

Resident Evil 6 is headed our way, with Capcom confirming that the game has gone gold, and barring any strange happenings, should be on shelves from October 2nd, around the world. To celebrate, the developers have sent over a new video to show off the game’s free online service, Resident

Resident is a free site tracking a range of game data, from proficiency with weapons, types of enemies killed to Mercenaries scores, allowing you to compare with other players around the world.

This is all set to launch on the same day as RE6, and brings some pretty nifty bonuses to the game (for the addicts – how about checking your character while on the bus, using the tie-in mobile app?).

The service itself was revealed earlier this month, but this is the first time we’ve been given a good look at what’s in store. Resident tracks all the stats and makes the whole thing even more competitive than previous versions (there are even real-time global events planned!).

Plus, Resident offers unique challenges to gamers – if you’re the best, you’ll pick up an exclusive Mercenaries mode character skin or two.

Resident Evil 6, the game you need to start all of this, is set to launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 2nd. A PC release is in the works, but no date’s been set for that one just yet.

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