Nintendo to announce Wii U dates September 13?

While we’re all waiting eagerly for Nintendo to release the Wii U, Nintendo is keeping very quiet about just when the new console will hit shelves. Hopefully that’s all about to change, with a press event announced for September 13th, in New York City.

Nintendo Wii U

When will Wii see it in person?

New York might not seem to be the most obvious place for a Japanese company to announce important details, but it’s where Nintendo turned when it was time to announce the (North American) release date for the 3DS, so – potentially – the company’s looking for a little history repeating.

The event will be hosted by Nintendo of America president and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, and it’s pencilled in to last six hours or so. Given that a release date announcement won’t take quite that long, we’re anticipating some new games being shown off as well, and maybe some other fun stuff.

Mark your calendars – this all kicks off on September 13th at 10am EST. Want to know what that is in your time zone?

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