Prey 2 removed from Bethesda online portfolio

Oh, Prey 2. We look forward to the days when we have nice things to say about you, but – for now – there’s more bad news: Human Head‘s sci-fi futuristic bounty hunter has been dropped from the official Bethesda website.

Remember though, the game still hasn’t been cancelled (yet…) – instead, it was significantly delayed back in April, when the developers announced it wouldn’t be a 2012 release.

[img_big]center,7689,2011-08-24/1385Main_Street01.jpg,Prey 2[/img_big]

According to Bethesda (who spoke to Eurogamer), the website update is simply an extension of that.

We announced the delay in April, and until we’re ready to talk about the game more, the focus on the site is on our upcoming titles.

A quick read of the other titles included on the Bethesda website reveals a bunch of other projects we’re eagerly anticipating in the future. Most are due in the next 12 months, with The Elder Scrolls Online listed as being due simply in “2013”.

Given Bethesda‘s comments, we’re assuming that Prey 2 has fallen down the priority list pretty quickly, opening a whole ‘nother can of worms about whether it’ll show up on this current generation hardware at all.

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