Penélope, Mónica Cruz settle 3DS score

Promising a “true family affair”, Nintendo has roped in not only Academy Award-winning actress Penélope Cruz, but her actress sister Mónica as well, to play a little bit of New Super Mario Bros 2, which launched around the world over the weekend.

Which sister will reach the Goal Pole first? What is the penalty for coming last? Check out the video and find out!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the first traditional side-scrolling Mario game from Nintendo, designed specifically for the 3DS handheld. There’s all the elements we know and love, but to keep things fresh, a few new elements have been thrown in as well – like the challenging Coin Rush mode.

If you can’t get to a retailer (or just, y’know, don’t feel like leaving the house), New Super Mario Bros. 2 is also available from the Nintendo eShop.

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