Duke Nukem dev predicts layoffs at PopCap

Outspoken Duke Nukem creator George Broussard has taken to Twitter to suggest that PopCap Games is on rocky ground. Citing unnamed “sources”, Broussard says the Plants vs Zombies developer faces lay offs this week.

[img_big]center,4393,2012-01-18/plantsvszombies-5.jpg,Has the bubble burst?[/img_big]

Broussard observes:

EA bought PopCap a year ago for a billion dollars. Sources say shakeup and layoff’s are imminent at PopCap.

Incidentally, PopCap was bought for $650+100 million, nowhere near a billion. Plus, part of the company’s contract with EA means the publisher would be slugged with hefty earn out fees for any significant lay-offs.

This didn’t stop Broussard from adding his own thoughts to the discussion:

I think PopCap will struggle to be successful in an EA world that demands more products, squeezing IP dry and less dev time.

At this stage, nobody else seems to be backing up Broussard’s suspicions, with several analysts and industry figures actively denying the possibility. We have contacted EA and PopCap, but as it is a Sunday in the U.S., are not expecting any revelations for a little while.

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