Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer explodes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hits the virtual shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 starting August 21st, and in case you weren’t already hyped enough for Valve‘s next FPS, the devs have put together a little video to tempt you further.

In true Counter-Strike tradition, the cinematic trailer isn’t quite as flashy as those we’ve seen from Valve‘s other fps, but it’s certainly impressive and gives a decent idea of just what’s in store.

Arguably, trailers like this give an even better taste than many we’ve seen – the entire video was developed in-house at Valve, using the now publicly-available Source Filmmaker. Everything you can see, you can create.

CS:GO launches on Tuesday, but if you pre-purchase the game, you can get into it a little early – dedicated servers are now freely available for the game, and Valve would like to take a moment to thank everybody for their help and feedback during the comprehensive beta campaign.

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