Dear Ubisoft, Who is Sir Painhammer?

Ubisoft has gone on a bit of a domain registering spree recently, picking up a couple of interesting bits and pieces. While one has been publicly announced, the question remains: Who is Sir Painhammer?

Other domains registered included the currently-blank – potentially a move to thwart squatters looking to capitalise on the freshly-announced Might & Magic Raiders announced this week at gamescom. (The official website is, by the way).

The new free-to-play, class-based action/rpg looks pretty delicious, too:

…so that’s one. But what about

At the moment, the website is live, and Sir Painhammer himself is asking for your email address (yes, we’ve signed up, he says we won’t regret it!). That’s pretty much it, other than a suggestion that you might like to follow him on Twitter as well.

Sir Painhammer wants YOU

Sir Painhammer would like your email address, please!

With just a handful of followers at the time of writing, Sir Painhammer is a font of knowledge, spouting all sorts of wisdom:

Just received my new triple coated emerald toilet brush. Suck it, poop flakes #SWAG

One theory suggests that Sir Painhammer is in fact a Might & Magic character, which would make a sort of sense. Expect more from the good knight – and from Might & Magic Raiders – over the next little while.

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