Free-to-play iOS game nets devs $12m in a month

By now, we’re all familiar with the idea that free-to-play games really can make their developers a bucketload of cash. UK devleoper NaturalMotion is a stunning example, taking more than US$12m in just one month.

The single game behind the success story? CSR Racing, a driving game which involves absolutely no steering. Instead, the game relies on your accuracy when it comes to changing gears, and competing in a succession of drag races.

[img_big]center,10073,2012-08-16/mza_6117243277215804065.jpg,CSR Racing[/img_big]

There’s a little more to it than that, of course! Even the best gear-changer in the world is at a disadvantage if they’re not driving the best car (conversely, even if you’re terrible, picking decent wheels will take you across the finish line before the lemons). So. Why not pay money and buy a new car?

Also, it’s important to notice that your days with CSR Racing are numbered. Natural Motion has crafted the game to limit the number of races you can take on in a specific time period. Want to drive more? It’ll cost you.

This isn’t NaturalMotion‘s first iPhone game, although it is undeniably the most successful. Previous works include Backbreaker Football and Jenga, but the company is best-known for its game engine work. The Euphoria Engine provides the backbone for games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV.

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