Watch Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic here!

The rest of the planet might be wrapped up in real-world politics, but Blizzard would like you, just for a moment, to pay attention to the world that matters: The World of Warcraft. Specifically, cast your eyes over this beautiful new trailer – the opening cinematic for fourth expansion set Mists of Pandaria. The real world can wait for a moment, you need to see this.

You’ve ended Deathwing’s destructive rampage and saved the dragonflights from extinction. Now you must unlock the mysteries of the lost continent and discover the dark secrets of Pandaria’s past. Explore ancient kingdoms hidden since before the Sundering, plunder vast treasures from the depths of the forgotten vaults, and rise to defend Pandaria from the shadow of a long buried evil – before it’s too late.

Azeroth’s been through its ups and downs since WoW launched eight years ago. It was nearly overrun by the demon Illidan and the Burning Crusade, then it battled the Lich King (and his army of the undead), and the dragon Deathwing brought the very end of the world with him. All of that on a continent that wasn’t that calm to begin with!

Now though, things are looking – perhaps – a little calmer. The chubby-cheeked Pandaren start life as a neutral force, and while that might not last, it gives them a certain zen quality which they take with them on their life’s path, whether that be Alliance or Horde.

And really, looking at the fuzzy bear-like creatures introduced in Mists of Pandaria, we must ask ourselves: “Why do we fight?”

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is out for PC and Mac in all good retailers and via starting September 25th, 2012.

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