Star Wars 1313 brings maturity to gamescom

You’d be forgiven for not expecting much from Star Wars 1313. It’s a tie-in to a franchise that has been somewhat flogged to death over the past few years, with very mixed results. However. Take a look at this brand new video, fresh from gamescom and tell me that you’re not a little bit excited.

This is, officially, our first look at Star Wars 1313, a “mature” video game franchise set deep below the surface of Coruscant. Level 1313 is an entire metropolis, writhing with nefarious types, gang violence, organised crime (plus the disorganised kind), and other less-than-pleasant experiences. Officially the most dangerous place in the galaxy, it’s where you find yourself.

You, of course, are a lethal bounty hunter, one of the only people able to navigate this ruthless world.

If you strip back the Star Wars elements (which of course you can’t, really), this has a certain Prey 2 feel to it. Expect seamless playable cinematic play, epic platforming and a whole stack of agile, cover-based combat. The third-person epic action adventure is promising a whole cache of exotic weaponry and fascinating gadgets, which you’ll come to rely on through your travels.

[img_three]9613,2012-08-15/sw1313_gamescom_screenshot-2.jpg,2012-08-15/sw1313_gamescom_screenshot-10.jpg,2012-08-15/sw1313_gamescom_screenshot-8.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

The game is looking really good, with developers brought in from all over the place to work with LucasArts on this new project. We don’t yet have a release date for Star Wars 1313, and while it would be nice for it to arrive in the next 12 months or so, take a closer look at those graphics and visuals and tell me you don’t think this one might be a next-gen release.

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