LittleBigPlanet developers create Tearaway

Publishers and developers are bringing out the big guns at this year’s gamescom, and one of the week’s surprise reveals is Tearaway, a Vita exclusive from LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule.

Introduced at Sony‘s pre-gamescom conference, Media Molecule‘s Alex Evans explains that Tearaway was created while developing LittleBigPlanet, but soon grew into its own game.

We’d like you to meet Iota. He’s very small and made of paper, and tucked away inside his head is a special message, just for you. In order to extract that message (painlessly, of course!), you have to help Iota to reach the real world and deliver it.

…before he gets there, though, Iota can be found running around Tearaway‘s stunning papercraft world. Expect some funky mechanics and tidy physics effects throughout this 3D platformer, and the game will respond to your touch (on either the front or back screens!).

This game doesn’t believe in the fourth wall – tapping the screen during combat will result in your finger poking through the floor and smashing enemies!

[img_three]10045,2012-08-15/20914screenshot-01.png,2012-08-15/20918screenshot-05.png,2012-08-15/20915screenshot-02.png,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Tearaway really is the sort of game that would have been impossible without the Vita hardware. Use the camera to take photos, then use those patterns to create new skins for in-game content. Shout into the Vita microphone and watch Iota shout in his world.

…and while we haven’t had a chance to explore things properly yet, keep an eye out for plenty of AR features tucked into Tearaway as well.

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