Remember Me: Everything old is new again

One of the big reveals of gamescom 2012 was actually one of the big reveals of gamescom 2011. While in Cologne, Capcom took the wraps off futuristic action game Remember Me, set in a dystopian future version of Paris.

…the thing is, we’d seen it before – and as the new-look trailer unfolded, we were delighted to see it again.

Y’see, at last year’s event, all eyes were on a competely unfinished game called Adrift. We were given a trailer, a few pieces of concept art, and an intriguing storyline.

Twelve months later, and we’ve heard nothing from Adrift, or development studio Dontnod, leading some to believe the 2011 display had been nothing more than a feverdream. This year, Capcom has brought the game back, with a new name and a lick of paint (Neo-Paris is alight with colour, now), as well as another trailer and yet more concept art.

We still don’t know much about what the game’s about though, but we do know (from the glimpse of gameplay at the end of that there trailer) that Remember Me does look rather amazing.

[img_three]10035,2012-08-14/17vzt2aa9nnpdjpg.jpg,2012-08-14/17vzt2g7clzidjpg.jpg,2012-08-14/17vzt2aabxn07jpg.jpg,Click to embiggen[/img_three]

Last year, we were told that Adrift was set in Neo-Paris, 2084, where human memories are used as bargaining chips. If you don’t like the ones you’ve got, buy some from someone else – and if you don’t like those, just create new ones to fit your whim.

Looks like this is the storyline used by Remember Me, meaning we’re every bit as excited as we were a year ago.

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