Team Fortress 2 gets co-op, robots, awesome

That update for Team Fortress 2 is happening sooner than anticipated. We’d been thinking that we’d see the results of the weekend’s alternate reality game on September 2nd (it’s Redmond and Blutarch’s birthday, y’know). However, Valve had one final trick up its sleeve.

The Mann vs Machine update for Team Fortress 2 is going live on August 15th, bringing the new GRAY faction to the game, as well as – wait for it – co-op gameplay.

GRAY is – at this point, at least – not a playable faction. Instead, both RED and BLU have teamed up to take on the mechanical menace, on a bunch of all-new maps.

The new gameplay mode sees teams of six (that’s you and five mates) tackling a “lethal horde” of familiar-looking robots. You can upgrade your abilities and weapons along the way, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

If we’re completely honest, the gameplay is a little familiar-looking, too. Wave after wave of robots bear down on our heroes, who must survive a variety of missions in order to pick up some pretty nifty prizes (and unlock some nifty new achievements!).

Even though the update is just two days away, Valve still has plenty of stuff to tell you about what’s in store. Today, we learned about “Machines”, but we’re also promised updates on “Mercs” and “Bounty”. Head to the Team Fortress 2 website to catch up on all the new bits and pieces, with content and key feature reveals unveiled each day.

…and remember: Team Fortress 2 is free to play, so even if you haven’t tapped into the hat-powered economy, there’s no time like the present. Get acquainted with everyone before Wednesday, and then take on the robots together!

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