Warframe offers new trailer, invites you to beta

You’d be forgiven for not being intimately familiar with Warframe at this point in time. It’s a new free-to-play shooter on the way from Digital Extremes, the deelopment team behind The Darkness II and Dark Sector, and co-creators of the Unreal Tournament series.

The team themselves announce that they’ve “had their heads down, working hard” since the game was first announced back in June, and it seems all that work’s paid off – as illustrated by this, the very first glimpse of Warframe gameplay footage (watch the whole thing, the game itself features around 40 seconds in).

4-player Squad Co-op, PvE third-person shooter action IN SPACE! I think we need more
hyphens and abbreviations to help describe the game, what do you think?

So. Interested? Intrigued? Want to know more about what’s coming our way from this Canadian company? You’re in luck. Digital Extremes is currently asking for beta testers, with the Closed Beta test due to kick off in early Canadian Fall. If you’d like to be a part of all of that, hop over to the official Warframe website and sign up – or stick around, those keys are the sort of thing that might show up as a giveaway prize.

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