Gears of War dev now directing BioShock Infinite

It’s a week of ups and downs for BioShock Infinite and Boston’s Irrational Games. Yesterday, we learned that two key developers had packed up and left the company, but today we find out just who will be stepping in to the newly-vacant director of product development role: Rod Fergusson, from Epic Games.

[img_big]center,58,2011-12-07/Fink_LoRez_ScreenShot.jpg,BioShock Infinite[/img_big]

Irrational head Ken Levine explains that “In a company of 200 people you’re going to have turnover”. This has never been more true: Over the past 18 months, several high-profile developers have jumped ship, including design director Jeff McGann, producer Joe Faulstick, principal systems designer Ken Strickland, senior level designer Steve Gaynor and systems designer Tynan Sylvester.

Fergusson is the first big-name developer to publicly reverse the trend. His new role at Irrational will, for the moment, focus on making sure that BioShock Infinite is finished in time for its February 2013 launch, but he will be sticking around after the game’s release.

After anonymous rumours started circulating earlier today, Fergusson made the news official via Twitter.

Yes it’s true, I’m leaving my family at Epic to join my new family at Irrational in Boston starting tomorrow.

It’s a big change for the Gears of War producer, who was – until today – Director of Production at Epic, working on touch-based action-RPG Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

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