Ghost Recon Online enters free-to-play open beta

The brand new open beta for Ghost Recon Online has just kicked off, meaning anybody with a computer and an Uplay account can jump in and play at being Sam Fisher for a while. Whether you’re a newcomer to the series, or an old friend of Sam’s, GRO promises to be an interesting little endeavour.

But what is Ghost Recon Online? Here, let Ubisoft tell you:

Ghost Recon Online is a tactical 3rd person squad based shooter with that allows you to engage in fierce and visceral 16 player online firefights. Far from the “run and gun” style of shooter games, the “deathmatch” game mode is eschewed in favor of objective-based matches where the player with the quicker trigger finger isn’t necessarily the winner. In Ghost Recon Online, team play is essential—your chances of survival are maximized if you coordinate with your allies! With a fully realized cover system, Ghost Recon Online gives you the power to gain advantageous position over your enemies and utilize real world squad tactics to achieve victory.

In addition to all of that – and the fact it’s a free-to-play game which means you won’t have to pay a cent – GRO is packed with a bunch of other fun bits and pieces. The Open Beta has officially commenced with the first of what promises to be many weekly missions.

The goal of this first mission – Eagle Eye – is to maintain an accuracy of 15% over 5 matches. Manage that, and you’ll pick yourself up a very swanky Mark IV armour insert. Each week, the missions and their rewards will change, keeping things that little bit more interesting.

Ubisoft would also like to point out that as this is a beta, Ghost Recon Online is not actually finished yet, and the developers would really like to hear your thoughts. They’re specifically on the lookout for “interesting conversations, game bugs, suggestions or general feedback” …so if you’ve got any of those, pop over to the Ghost Recon Online forums and share!

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