New Black Ops II trailer introduces multiplayer

How have we gone this long without seeing any multiplayer evidence from Call of Duty: Black Ops II? We’re still not sure, but at least today we have what everyone has been clamouring for: The first-look trailer of Treyarch‘s upcoming FPS, and we’re inclined to say it’s been worth the wait.

Tucked away in that short, two minute clip, we’re treated to a bunch of new guns, an EMP grenade, a sort of legitimised wall-hack that allows you to see ghosted enemies behind walls, a disorienting turret, remotely-activated explosives and everybody’s favourite quadricopter drone. We’re reassured that budding pilots will be able to take control of these airborne gadgets – but be warned, they’re not the most robust little things and can be taken out without much effort.

That’s not the only thing you’ll be able to control… Black Ops II also brings the mechs! The AGR is packed with machine guns and rockets, and it’s just one of the ground-based robots available in-game.

…meanwhile, what’s that extra snippet in the video tucked in after the two-minute mark? Sounds like someone’s shoutcasting Black Ops II? Is Activision going after the eSports market?

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