Zynga gets back in the kitchen with ChefVille

Even while facing court over copyright infringement, casual games giant Zynga is still churning out Facebook games faster than Usain Bolt. This week’s new offering: ChefVille, which sees gamers able to manage their own restaurant and learn real-world recipes at the same time.


An early look at ChefVille, launching this week

ChefVille is kind of a beefed-up version of Café World, but this time also includes recipes for various types of cuisine, which gamers can print out and keep. Foods include Thai, Japanese, Italian and “traditional American”, but we’re guessing the archive will be increased as the game progresses.

It seems that Zynga‘s shareholders are a little excited by the new game, too. After shares plummeted to an all-time low on Monday morning (that pesky EA lawsuit didn’t help), the ChefVille announcement saw stocks jump by US$0.20, reaching $2.92 by the closing bell – still nowhere near the US$10 price commanded when the company went public back in December 2011.

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