Dishonored reveals star-studded voice cast

Dishonored looked impressive enough, but Bethesda has now knocked it right out of the park with the announcement of an amazing voice cast. The dulcet tones of Hollywood royalty will be gracing your ears, as you take Corvo Atano through the streets of Dunwall.


A quick recap of the premise: Atano is a bodyguard, framed for the murder of the woman he was meant to protect – the Empress. Now, her daughter – Young Lady Emily – has been kidnapped, providing plenty of opportunity for Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick-Ass) to show her voice acting skill. She’s in safe hands – her caretaker Calista is played by Lena Headey, Cersei Lannister from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Corvo is not alone – Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe-winner Brad Dourif (Deadwood) plays Piero, the man who creates the assassin’s distinctive mask, as well as a whole bunch of fun gadgets. John Slattery (Mad Men, The Adjustment Bureau) is Admiral Havelock, a Loyalist who is also on Corvo’s side.

Not sure yet whether Michael Madsen (Mister Blonde from Reservoir Dogs) is a goodie or a baddie (or even if these concepts exist in Dishonored), but he’s appearing too, as a mysterious assassin known as Daud. Carrie Fisher (Star Wars‘ Princess Leia) is arguably neutral(ish), broadcasting government propaganda over loudspeakers.

Saving the best for last, however: Academy Award winner and five-time nominee Susan Sarandon makes her video game debut as Granny Rags, a former aristocrat turned blind street-lady.

Raphaël Colantonio, president of developer Arkane Studios explains:

Having such talented actors voice Dishonored’s compelling cast of characters adds a rich, powerful element to the game. We want to draw people into this virtual world and make it feel real. This celebrated cast adds wonderful depth and credibility to the overall Dishonored gameplay experience.

…and while you’re keeping your ears open, pay attention to the Dishonored music, too: It’s been provided by Dexter composer Daniel Licht.

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