Scriptwriter brings new life to Warcraft film

…speaking of World of Warcraft and Blizzard, there’s good news on the horizon for the upcoming Warcraft film adaptation. A new scriptwriter has been brought onboard, taking the game one more step in the right direction.

Charles Leavitt – the pen behind The Seventh Son, Blood Diamond and K-PAX – has signed up with Legendary Entertainment to start work on the story for the upcoming fantasy romp.

Warcraft Movie concept art: The World Tree

This World Tree may or may not still be in the film

There’s still a slight setback, however: With Sam Raimi no longer attached to the project (despite having been involved since the beginning), Warcraft the movie is currently director-less.

According to Variety, Legendary is hoping that will be swiftly resolved, aiming to move the project forward in the next few months.

Be warned, we’ve been here before: Back in 2009, Robert Rodat was attached to the project as scriptwriter, bringing an impressive pedigree with him. The man behind stories like The Patriot and Fly Away Home also historically put pen to paper for Saving Private Ryan, which could have made for a game with more evidence of WARcraft than otherwise anticipated. However, Rodat then jumped ship to work on the screenplay for Thor: The Dark World.

Even before that, another name – Gary Whitta – was connected to the role: He’s since gone on to become screenwriter of The Book of Eli and the Telltale Games adaptation of The Walking Dead.

Despite all that, today’s news is set to make many gamers happy, including Activision Blizzard head honcho Bobby Kotick, who has historically steered clear of signing up video game tie-ins for Activision titles. This one, belonging to a different branch of the company, is fair game – Kotick explaining that if it’s “important to Blizzard, it’s important to me”.

They’re very excited about having a ‘World of Warcraft’ film. They’ve been very careful and thoughtful about the development process.

Alex Gartner, Chuck Roven, Jon Jashni and Thomas Tull are producing, with Legendary partnering with Blizzard. The film has been in the works for years, with virtually nothing to show for it. However, Raimi’s departure may just be the kickstart the company has needed – the loss of the big-name director possibly balanced out by being able to just get to work. The companies are aiming for a 2014 release.

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