Apply now for gamer-funded EVO scholarship

Showing that, sometimes, gamers can use their powers for good: EVO fans have chipped in towards a $10,000 scholarship fund to help a competitive gamer continue their education.

The scholarship – due to be awarded later this year – is currently accepting applicants. If you’re a competitive gamer with decent marks, and would like to start full-time study (in a games-related degree) at a U.S. institution in the Fall semester, you may like to look into this one.

Gamer-funded EVO Scholarship now open for submissions

Gotta hit the books…

On the other hand, if you’d just like to bask in the glow that comes with knowing the money you spend on your gaming habit is actually going to a good place, take note: While generous sponsor did contribute a little cash, most of the $10k fund was raised by pay-per-view HD streams of gaming tournaments.

EVO co-founder Tom “Inkblot” Cannon explains:

It’s critical to support the next generation of players and help show that competitive gaming is not just a way to test yourself, earn great prizes, and connect with fellow players, it can also be a gateway to a fulfilling industry profession.

Described as “a bit of an experiment”, EVO and Shoryuken are hoping to make the scholarship an annual tradition, helping to keep gamers interested in the competitive scene.

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