Help Sony design a new DualShock 3

Sony has been accused of lacking inspiration in the past, but today the Japanese company is outwardly acknowledging that it needs a little help coming up with creative ideas. It’s time to revamp the DualShock 3 controller – while the inner workings are fine, the outside could do with a lick of paint. And that’s where you come in.

DualShock 3

Think of it as a blank canvas.

Over the years, Sony reports it has received countless requests for new colour schemes and graphical designs for the controller – and it’s released a whole bunch of them, too: Metallic Blue, Urban Camo, even pink.

Now, the company’s formally announced that it’s really listening to you! Sony would like to add some extra colours and designs to the library, so this is your chance to submit your ideas.

Starting today, and ending August 15th, you can go to PlayStation.Blog.Share to submit your idea for the design of the next DualShock 3 controller. Whether your design is based on your favorite game or your ideal color, all PlayStation fans will be able to vote on your idea. How cool would it be if you saw a new DualShock 3 that was inspired by you at your local game store?

For more information on how to submit an idea, there’s a handy page dedicated to helping you out. If you want to get inspired, open your eyes and look around! …if you’d prefer to see what other people are getting up to – and to vote for your favourites – there’s a page dedicated to earlier competition entries as well.

Good luck – and make sure you share your ideas with us!

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