Video games blamed in Californian teen stabbing

A 20-year old Californian man is recovering from multiple stab wounds after a violent altercation with his 17-year old friend. Sherri Kemp says her son was playing “one of those bloody, gory” games with a friend – the type “they always play” – when things turned violent.

Knife, cc by DBduoPhotography

Knife, cc by DBduoPhotography

The two men were enjoying a bit of online multiplayer in the unnamed Xbox 360 game, when they got into an argument (possibly over the phone). The unnamed 17-year old grabbed a gun and stormed over to his 20-year old friend’s house in the 1500 block of Yosemite Circle in Oakley, pushing Sherri aside and firing into the house. Things only got worse for the family from there.

Sherri explains:

He actually had the gun aimed at me, but he shot at my son. I went downstairs to call the police and he ran downstairs, put his gun down, ran back up the stairs and evidently — I thought they were fist-fighting — he was stabbing the h*ll out of my son.

The intended victim was not hit by gunfire, but Contra Costa Sherriff’s Office spokesman Jimmy Lee has stated the 20-year old was stabbed “multiple times”, and was transported by helicopter to John Muir Medical Center. He was released later Monday, suffering from “16 to 17” superficial stab wounds, according to his mother.

Meanwhile, his 17-year old assailant was met by police at his home in Chateau Court (also in Oakley), where he ran away from the authorities. After leading police on a chase throughout neighbours’ yards, the teen was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The motive for the attack remains under investigation – the attacker was known to have “anger issues”, but this is the first time he has acted out against his close friend, who is described as being “like a cousin” to him.

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