Most mobile gaming is done on the couch

While we comment about mobile games being played on the bus, at work, or in other situations where your home console may be unavailable, a recent study has shown that the majority of mobile gamers prefer to play in the comfort of their own homes.

Half of the mobile gamers surveyed across the U.S. and U.K. explained that their favourite place to play mobile games is in bed, or while lying on the couch. The study, released by EA Games, projects a mobile gaming population in those two countries of more than 125 million gamers.

[img_big]center,6791,2011-10-19/029d5208-f903-4632-abdb-f8560f025df2.jpg,Bejeweled 3, from PopCap[/img_big]

Dennis Ryan, VP of Worldwide Publishing at EA explains:

We already know that people play mobile games ‘on the go,’ but now we are seeing mobile gamers largely favor their mobile devices for home use. If you add the fact we are seeing a deluge of new gamers coming in through mobile, we believe mobile gaming is invading the last bastion of video game consoles and personal computers: the home.

If you’d like to read it, the full survey is available online (*pdf link), but EA has thoughtfully provided us with a few highlights.

The top five places to play mobile games:
69% say at home or on the couch
57% at home lying in bed
63% as a passenger in a car, on a bus, or on a train
55% while waiting for an appointment
41% while watching tv

…but that’s not the only places where people are sneaking in a little game time: 10% of respondents reported playing mobile games in a church or place of worship, while watching a movie at a theatre, or even while driving a car.

[img_big]center,4393,2012-01-18/plantsvszombies-5.jpg,Plants vs Zombies[/img_big]

We’re anticipating that more than a few gamers in London this week aren’t paying attention to the Olympics being played out in front of them: 9% of mobile gamers have played games while at a sporting event, compared to 8% while in class, 6% during a meeting or conference call at work, and 4% while at the gym. (Don’t pretend you don’t play games at work, but be careful while you’re at it: Remember the Philippine Plants vs Zombies jailbreak?)

It might be a good thing they’re largely playing at home, too. All that time adds up: 9% of gamers reported they have been late – or missed an appointment entirely (including flights!) – because they were too busy playing mobile games.

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