EA strikes gold with Facebook ads for Battlefield 3

When EA made the decision to spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads for Battlefield 3, most analysts thought it was a bad move. Despite everybody in the world (seemingly) using the social network multiple times a day, the advertising platform never seemed to translate to successes.

…but as Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg has mentioned in a recent investor call, EA bucked the trend – spectacularly – turning US$2.75 million worth of ads into more than US$12 million worth of sales. That’s 440% return-on-investment, by the way.

[img_big]center,7473,2012-06-06/battlefield_3_-_close_quarters_-_scrap_metal_map_e3_screen_4.jpg,Battlefield 3[/img_big]

Sandberg explains that the majority of campaigns are in fact returning 3x or better:

Independent analysis of more than 60 campaigns, 45 of which were completed in the first half of this year, show that 70 per cent of those campaigns delivered a return on ad spend of 3x or better. And 49 per cent of those campaigns delivered a return of 5x or better.

There’s some debate over just how EA reached those numbers, but even allowing the publisher a little “wiggle room”, it’s a pretty hefty return-on-investment no matter the actual figures. One thing is for certain: Battlefield 3 won’t be the only video game we see plastered all over our Walls and Timelines, as other video game publishers start jumping onto the social networking bandwagon.

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