Spirit Hunters, Inc gets the green light for release

A quick snoop around the Australian Classification Board website reveals that the eagerly-anticipated Spirit Hunters, Inc has taken a giant leap towards release, with both Light and Shadow granted a bright green G rating, the Aussie equivalent of E for Everyone.

Developer Nnooo announced the pair of games back in 2010, using the augmented reality features of the DSi. We’ve caught up with the company several times since, and have been reassured each time that the games are “coming soon”.

In the original announcement, Nnooo Creative Director Nic Watt explains:

As a member of Spirit Hunters Inc, the player must try to track down as many different types of spirit as possible, challenge them in battle and then either defeat them for experience or capture them for credits.

Gamers are given a variety of abilities and unlockable skills from six elements – Fire, Water, Ice, Shadow, Light and Fungus – and sent out in the world to find the corresponding spirits using the built-in DSi camera.

Nic continues:

Players use the camera built into their devices to hunt out and battle spirits anywhere in the world. Whether it at the supermarket, shopping mall, home or even on holiday. Spirits are hiding all around us!

We spoke to Nnooo about the classification, and while the team is pleased with the news, it’s just part of the journey towards release. “The finishing line is in sight,” a spokesman tells us, but we’ll still be waiting a little while before getting our hands on Spirit Hunters, Inc.

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