New Sleeping Dogs trailer shows off gun-fu

With just over a couple of weeks to go before Sleeping Dogs brings its unique brand of Hong Kong action drama to our screens, Square Enix and United Front want to make sure that you know just what you’re getting into – and today’s new trailer should give you a fair idea.

Titled “Hard-Boiled”, it’s not difficult to pick where the developers are drawing influences from. We’re treated to a whole bunch of brutal ballistic battles, as Wei Shen continues his efforts to take down one of the region’s most feared Triads.

Sure, the game’s packed with martial arts and lightning-fast reflexes, but this trailer shows off a different side of Sleeping Dogs. In addition to straightforward shootin’, there’s always a bit of fancy gun-fu just around the corner. “Combat packs more than a punch,” says United Front, promising a little pistol action when the missions get challenging. Take advantage of slow-mo sequences as you vault from cover, or – if you’d prefer something a bit quicker – head to the streets for some high-speed kill streaks.

Sleeping Dogs brings its special variety of open-world crime drama to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, set to arrive from August 14th.

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