New PopCap titles feature mermaids and zombies

Mermaids and zombies are set to invade your smartphone, as PopCap reveals plans for both a mobile version of Solitaire Blitz, and the intriguing new PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar. Both new titles are free-to-play, and both feature in-game currency that can either be earned through gameplay or bought via microtransaction.

Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz

The nautical-themed Solitaire Blitz is, excuse the phrase, making waves on Facebook, where it’s already seen more than 2.5 billion games played since March 2012. With five million lifetime players, PopCap is wondering whether some of them will make the jump to a fully-optimised mobile version. This one features seamless connection to Facebook, so you’ll still be able to climb your friends’ leaderboards and take part in weekly tournaments, bus also includes its own exclusive mobile achievements, unlockable card decks and mobile-specific features.

Talking Zombatar

Zombatar (Not pictured: Talking)

Talking Zombatar on the other hand, is a little bit different. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the Plants vs Zombies franchise, and is actually a first for PopCap Games as a whole.

Rather than a fully-fledged game, the Talking Zombatar is your undead pet in your pocket. You’re given a variety of items to use to dress him up, and Crazy Dave’s even stocked up on a bunch of full outfits, so you can make your new friend into an astronaut, or maybe a samurai!

Your Zombatar isn’t just a picture, either: You can take photos of the two of you, create movies with him as the star, and get him to translate what you say into Zombie-ish. If you like, you can even share the whole lot with everyone on Facebook!

Solitaire Blitz and PvZ Presents: Talking Zombatar are expected to release a little later this year – keep an eye out for both.

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