Battlefield 3: Aftermath detailed – 4 maps, 1 mode

It seems that EA and DICE have a lot of great stuff in the works, and they’re not afraid to show it all off – throwing out a handful of details for Battlefield 3: Aftermath, the fourth expansion pack for last year’s military FPS.

We were still reeling from our first glimpse of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill just the other day, but now we’re adjusting our sets and preparing for the next expansion to arrive.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

You might still be waiting a while…

According to EA, Aftermath is set amongst the devastation of a “post-earthquake Tehran”, complete with four new multiplayer maps and one brand new gameplay mode.

With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives. Additional support comes in the form of heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles specially adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy.

DICE has announced there will be five DLC packs in total for Battlefield 3, with the last one – the appropriately titled Endgame – not due out until March next year. We’re currently looking forward to Armored Kill, focussing on vehicular combat, due sometime in September. Aftermath will enjoy the holiday crowds around December – no release date or other details just at the moment, but stay tuned.

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