TrackMania 2 gets super-tricky Platform Pack DLC

Nadeo has gone out of its way to make the TrackMania 2 Canyon Platform Pack DLC super-challenging. So super-challenging, in fact, that the company’s offering a tasty prize to the first person who can complete a full drive-through on one of the tracks.

The new pack contains 23 new tracks, one new game mode and solo campaign, and the ability to create your own Platform tracks, if that’s the sort of thing that takes your fancy. There’s also a dedicated ranking for Platform players, to show off just how good you are at these aerial acrobatics.

…and if you’re really good, there’s the shiny King of the Ultimate Nightmare Challenge title up for grabs: Complete a full drive-through of the Ultimate Nightmare platform track in TrackMania 2 Canyon with absolutely no respawn. Send the replay (record by hitting “R”) over to Nadeo and your efforts will be rewarded. You’ll be broadcast on the official ManiaPlanet YouTube channel, plus win your own 5 Player Pack of brand new game ShootMania Storm.

The two best things about all of this? It’s free, and it’s available right now! (What’s all the fuss about? Take a look at our preview and find out!)

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