Gaming activism site hacked: 1,500 pledges lost

Community group Gamers Against Bigotry, was created to “break the bad habit” of targeting and attacking fellow gamers due to various aspects of their identity. It was set up recently, and asked everybody who played games to please, spread the word and raise funds to help get the cause set up as a charity.

It was an exciting prospect, and organisers started the project earlier than anticipated, just over a month ago.

Gamers Against Bigotry

Here, have a soothing pattern.

However, it seems that not everybody shared GAB‘s positivity, with the website bombarded by hackers and trolls from virtually the moment it appeared online.

With the first 200 pledges, came a half dozen hackers finding different ways of exploiting the pledge. For the past few weeks, this has continued, and the number of attempted and completed hacks has increased into the hundreds. Attacks have ranged from the simple (making grotesque images pop up in the signatures page, as you see below) to the elegant (making it impossible for new pledgees to sign), but all of the attacks had a few things in common: they were expected, they were childish, and they were temporary and easy enough to fix.

The latest attack proved too much for the site: Gamers Against Bigotry has fallen to a vindictive attack, which erased all of the 1,500 gathered pledges. At present, as the organisation is unsure how the exploit was executed, and they are asking gamers not to sign the official pledge hosted on their website for fear that they will all be lost again.

Instead, GAB is directing interested parties to its Indie-Go-Go fundraiser, using crowdfunding site to handle all of the pledges, finances and database. It has already eclipsed its modest US$700 goal, but acknowledges that a large chunk of funds will now have to go towards beefing up security on the organisation’s website, in addition to funding the 501(c)3 non-profit application.

For more information, you can head to Gamers Against, or take your wallet directly to the fundraiser, and try to make gaming a more tolerant pasttime.

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