Enjoy 8 minutes of Sleeping Dogs, right here

Sit back and relax, my friends. Whatever it is that you have to do can wait for another eight minutes or so while you enjoy the calm, soothing atmosphere of Sleeping Dogs, thanks to this new video, Mrs Chu’s Revenge.

We’re treated to an entire mission from the game – narrated by United Front Games‘ producer Dan Sochan. Across the eight minutes, we are shown a little of the multi-language voice-acting, the awfully shiny combat system and the swanky driving mechanics. (In case you hadn’t guessed, when we said this was “calm”, we were fibbing, a bit.)

In the back room of the Golden Koi, the restaurant is far from Mrs Chu’s mind. With her close friend dead, murdered at her own wedding, it’s revenge that needs serving. With one of the gunmen known to Wei, an explosive mission unfolds across the streets of Hong Kong.

With the game just over a couple of weeks away (Sleeping Dogs arrives on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 from August 16th), if you’re not yet familiar with this new, gritty cop drama, you’d better hop to it.

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