Diablo III hit with second God Mode exploit

Do not adjust your set: Another exploit has been discovered in Diablo III, this time giving the Barbarian class unlimited health regeneration. The news comes just hours after Blizzard confirmed it was rolling out a hotfix to tidy up the mess left by the invincible wizard exploit noticed earlier this week.

Diablo III


Again posted to the game’s official forums, the exploit has been detailed and verified by a number of gamers, playing on all difficulty settings.

Essentially, when facing Cydaea, a minor boss in the Arreat Crater of Act III, perform a Furious Charge with a Dreadnought rune, before Cydaea’s cut scene plays. This triggers an issue within the game, meaning that Diablo III will read all of your movement towards enemies as another Furious Charge – a move that deals damage as well as restoring user’s health.

Thanks to the Dreadnought rune, anyone using the exploit will receive an 8% life leech for each target hit with the charge, even though they won’t have to trigger it again after the cut scene has finished.

Player Attack does not condone the use of cheats, hacks, or exploits, and Blizzard is apparently aware of the issue and working on yet another fix.

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