EA shutters Rock Band on iOS

Better hurry up if you’ve been meaning to pick up Rock Band or Rock Band Reloaded on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – EA has just confirmed the games will be removed from the App Store next week. The update will mean the games – and any purchased songs – will be unable to download again after July 31st.

Rock Band, for iOS

Rock Band, for iOS

EA explains the decision is due to the licensing agreement with Rock Band developer Harmonix.

EA’s licensing agreement with Harmonix is ending and as a result, EA is discontinuing downloads of Rock Band iOS and Rock Band Reloaded iOS on the App Store after July 31.

The public statement explains that you will still be able to play the games by yourself quite happily (providing you’ve purchased and downloaded before July 31st). Additionally, if you need to re-install either title, you’ll be able to do that – as long as you’ve synced the App to your iCloud backup. (You can create an iCloud backup either before or after July 31 by selecting “backup to iCloud” in your iTunes window.)

All of your previously purchased songs that are stored locally on your iDevice are safe too – until you delete them, anyway.

This is not a test: EA accidentally told everybody that Rock Band for iOS would “no longer be playable” after May 31st. That announcement was made in error, but this time around, the date will stick.

Unfortunately for gamers, there is no real comeback to EA‘s decision – even in this digital age, games and projects can still be deleted or removed from sale. Be grateful that this was not a game with a strong multiplayer component, and make sure you have regular backups.

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