Kojima teases: More Metal Gear to come

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary on August 30th in Tokyo, and both Konami and Kojima himself are suggesting something big is in store for the event.

In a recent interview about the series’ history, Kojima teased:

The Fox Engine is nearly finished, but the only way to be sure it works is to create a game at the same time and improve the engine with our tools as we go along.

Production studios in Japan are nearly extinct, a fact that we have recognised for nearly 10 years, and although the Fox Engine is not finished we are ready to show what it can do… on August 30 in Japan to be more specific.

So – what’s happening on August 30th? Konami is holding a party! The first part of the event will be a press conference, announcing a bunch of 25th anniversary products and revealing the latest information on the Metal Gear series. The second part? That’s time for celebratin’!

A first look at the Fox Engine

A first look at the Fox Engine

Don’t read that, sigh, and decide that you’re never invited anywhere cool. Konami is also throwing the doors open to 50 members of the general public, chosen by a random draw. The only entry requirements? You must be at least 20 years old, and able to guarantee that you’ll be there if your name’s picked out of the hat (so planning to be in or near Tokyo around August 30th would be a good start).

All you need to do is head to the MGS 25th Anniversary website and register your interest!

If you’re in the wrong part of the world or have other plans for the 30th, don’t worry. Stay tuned to Player Attack and we’ll bring you all the news as it happens (including information about livestreams if and when any are announced).

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