Critical Path: Bite-sized games industry insight

A brand new documentary on the video game industry is on the way, thanks to Artifact Studios. Critical Path is designed to be a “panoramic overview of the contemporary state of the videogame medium”, and it’s taking an interesting approach to the art of the documentary, as well as the world of gaming.

The project has been in the works for more than two years already, and while the film is still in development, the creators have come up with a way of showing us what they’ve been up to: A whole bunch – a bucketload – a heap of bite-sized interviews with industry figures, all available right now.

It’s not immediately apparent whether the documentary will continue this sort of sound-bite technique, or if it will take a more formal, detailed approach – but either way, Artifact is off to a good start.

Meanwhile, the name Artifact Studios may not be familiar to you, but I guarantee that if you’ve watched the behind-the-scenes videos thrown in with many gaming collectors’ editions, you’ve seen the sort of stuff the company creates.

The current content for Critical Path is tiny snippets of interesting things, rather than anything too in-depth or meaty – we particularly liked Tim Schaefer discussing the importance of good editing, Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett explaining her gaming history, and Drop7 developer Frank Lantz admitting that “games are junk”.

Currently involved:
Stig Asmussen, Cliff Bleszinski, Ian Bogost, Nolan Bushnell, David Cage, John Carmack, Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, Denis Dyack, Toby Gard, Richard Garriott, Chris Hecker, Richard Hilleman, Clint Hocking, Todd Howard, Rod Humble, Toru Iwatani, David Jones, Hideo Kojima, Raph Koster, Frank Lantz, Ken Levine, David Littman, Jordan Mechner, Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, Yoshinori Ono, Rob Pardo, Rhianna Pratchett, Jason Rohrer, Tim Schafer, Warren Spector, Joseph Staten, Will Wright, and Susan Wu

No word on dates or windows or a concrete lineup as yet – Artifact Studios actually wants your help to ensure that all of the best names in gaming are covered. We can think of a few faces conspicuous by their absence – here’s hoping the lineup continues to grow and change. Something like Critical Path is a handy, easily-accessible way of taking a peek inside someone else’s mind, but not staying there too long.

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