AU studio Nnooo approved for Wii U development

Australia’s first Wii U developer has just been announced: Sydney-based Nnooo will be among the first indie developers to create new games and properties for Nintendo‘s newest console.

[img_big]center,8419,2011-09-01/ev_2011_02_22_006.jpg,escapeVektor from Nnooo[/img_big]

It’s great news for Nnooo, who has been developing titles for Nintendo platforms since its inception in 2006. Best known for US WiiWare launch title Pop, the studio has also created a suite of lifestyle applications for DSiWare- myLifeCollected – and last year’s cult hit escapeVektor: Chapter 1.

Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo explains:

We’re thrilled to receive developer approval for this exciting new console. We can’t wait to see what the console is capable of and already have a number of ideas we’d like to experiment with.

We’re not sure just when Nnooo will get a chance to try out new projects for Wii U – the studio currently has its hands full developing two new versions of escapeVektor for 3DS and Vita (Nnooo is also one of only four Australian Vita developer), as well as the long-awaited augmented reality RPG Spirit Hunters Inc, for DSiWare.

Nic continues:

Once these games are completed we’ll be prototyping some ideas for the Wii U to get a feel for what we can do. We’ve already had a quick play with the hardware and everyone in the studio is super impressed by the GamePad and the capabilities of the Wii U itself.

If you want to check out what the team has been up to, Nnooo will be at gamescom in Cologne next month, showcasing the “almost finished” Spirit Hunters Inc and escapeVektor, both of which are due out in late 2012.

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