Outernauts enters open beta on Facebook

Ready to spend even more time on social networking sites? Outernauts has officially entered open beta, meaning anybody can jump in, capture exotic alien beasties, and train them up to battle it out against friends, enemies and other opponents.


Created by Insomniac, we first heard about the game back in May, and then had a chance to spend a tiny amount of time with the developers at E3. Now, the game’s been opened up to the general public – even though it’s not quite finished yet – and it’s time to tame the galaxy.


  • Capture, train and evolve exotic alien beasts
  • Master a wild, untamed universe of 30-plus planets and arenas
  • Battle your friends or fight alongside them in treacherous dungeons
  • Uncover a deep story with real RPG strategy and humor
  • From the creators of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man

…and, believe it or not, Outernauts is actually the biggest game in Insomniac history – bigger than any of the Resistance games, which were released exclusively on Sony hardware.

Outernauts is a slight change of pace, headed only to Facebook, and now it’s your turn to check it out. Simply head to the Outernauts Facebook page, log in, and you’ll be thrown head-first into this story-filled strategy game, contained completely within your browser.

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