Hard Reset art book heads out on a visual journey

When Hard Reset was first announced, two things immediately stood out. Firstly, the game was developed in Poland. Secondly, it has a pretty impressive, dark cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetic that we just can’t get enough of.

[img_big]center,8241,2012-07-13/02.jpg,Hard Reset[/img_big]

Fortunately, we’ve just received a second serving of stunning artwork from Flying Wild Hog – and we can share it with you! The Art of Hard Reset: A Visual Journey is a 140MB PDF file featuring concept art, renders, screenshots and all sorts of wonderful imagery from the developer’s old-school shooter.

If you haven’t yet played Hard Reset, and are appropriately intrigued by this artwork, you may like to pop over to Steam – the Extended Edition is currently on sale for 75% off! You’ll get the original game, plus the Exile DLC – but only if you get onto it before July 23rd. Incentive enough?

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