Robotoki confirms world first OUYA exclusive

Still with 20 days to go, OUYA‘s Kickstarter project now stands at more than US$5 million – and game studios are starting to put their hands up, vying to be the first to develop for the new, Android-powered console.

Australian developer Morgan Jaffit was the first to come to our attention, speaking on behalf of Defiant Development, home of Heroes Call and Ski Safari. A recent interview described Jaffit as being “gung-ho” for the new platform.

There’s been a lot of discussion on both sides, but from an independent developer’s perspective, devices like Ouya are exactly what we want more of in the market. If we really want that to happen, we’ve got to get behind the people who try and make it happen.

Human Element for OUYA

Human Element for OUYA

Another person who is vocal in his support is Robert Bowling, president of new Californian studio Robotoki. He’s also put his money where his mouth is, contributing US$10,000 to the project via Kickstarter. Coming from a background with one of the world’s biggest AAA franchises, Bowling’s new endeavour is about exploring what’s possible.

While Human Element, the first game from Robotoki, isn’t due out until 2015 (for whichever consoles happen to be around at the time), Bowling has today announced that a prequel to the game will be released exclusively for OUYA.

We thought it would be exciting to give you a glimpse a little early. We heard everything you said about the press that came out of E3, that you want to see this game sooner.

So what we’re going to do – we’re going to work with the OUYA team, and bring you an exclusive, episodic look at the world as it develops and collapses over the course of the event happening, to give you a look at some of the survivor scenarios and elements that you can expect from the full game in 2015.

Both Bowling and OUYA founder Julie Uhrman are “really excited” about the potential for this project, and it’s pretty fair to say that this may indeed be the tip of the iceberg, with more developers, publishers and studios showing their support every day.

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