Mind of Man puts propaganda in your pocket

For most people, the internet is a handy tool, a helpful item used in day to day life to provide information. Did you ever stop to think about how much information you are handing out at the same time as you receive it? Mind of Man is a new iOS app designed to blur the lines between your real, digital life and the lives of in-game characters.

If you’re on Twitter, you’re on the Mind of Man. You’ve already been captured, profiled and matched to others like you.
(We thought you should know.)

Described best as a “social discovery game”, Mind of Man is watching your every move, plugged into your Twitter account, analysing your behaviour and activity, and sharing the results with the world. Some of it is fiction, some of it is not.

The app has been designed to show players how the world sees them – enthusiastic, emotional, depressed – and allows the user to mindmap themselves. After earning enough points, the user can then discover who their “celebrity twin” is – or, if you’d prefer – who their nemesis really is. There’s a whole wall to unlock, discovering features about yourself.

Once that’s done, start exploring your friends, Twitter followers or celebrities. If they are on Twitter, they are being analysed by MOM. Using “psycholinguistic artificial intelligence”, the app is designed to learn as people vote, developing and expanding its recommendation engine.

…and while the roll-out is a little slow at the moment, MOM will actually help you get free stuff in the real world, too. When the game launched in Ireland, users showed the app in Cavistons Food Emporium, redeemed their Saint or Sinner card and took home free bread or coffee. Developer 2PaperDolls is hoping to take this aspect further, working closely with additional businesses to unlock similar rewards.

Mind of Man is available now from the App Store, and it’s free! The app works on both iPhone and iPad, and requires a logged-in Twitter account in order to function properly. Want to see a wall in action? Here’s mine.

Mind of Man: dotarray

Mind of Man: dotarray

(Despite the propaganda overtones and political themes, Mind of Man really does respect your privacy, and does not store anything, post without your permission, and pays no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

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