Hackers claim NVIDIA breach bigger than reported

Update: A hacker group has claimed responsibility for the security breach reported by NVIDIA late last week. The group, calling itself “Team Apollo” has posted email addresses and password hashes for roughly 800 NVIDIA forum users, and threaten there are more yet to come.

NVIDIA - Tegra 3 Processor

NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor

The video card company announced that more than 400,000 registered users had been potentially affected, with most information already publicly available through forward-facing profile pages. At the time, NVIDIA reported hackers had accessed email addresses, usernames, profile information and hashed passwords with random salt value. Team Apollo argues that the password hashes were not salted – the database excerpt contains the hash b018f55f348b0959333be092ba0b1f41 three times in the list – the result of md5(‘nvidia123’).

Team Apollo also claims they broke into NVIDIA‘s online store, which the company has not publicly mentioned – and also that the break-ins happened “a few weeks ago”, rather than just over this weekend.

According to the group, the break-in is part of a movement to “target disgusting corporations who deserve to be brought to justice”. At this stage, it has not revealed why NVIDIA is so disgusting, which other companies are included on the list, or just what sort of “justice” will be handed out.

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