Watch 13 minutes of Metro: Last Light from E3

With E3 2012 a glimmering speck growing ever fainter in the distance, we’re starting to see the public release of a number of videos formerly shown only behind closed doors to a select audience. Today’s offering? Metro: Last Light, with THQ unveiling a whopping 13 minutes of gameplay footage, direct from Moscow.

We didn’t get a chance to check out Metro: Last Light on the show floor, but Eeoor was invited to a swanky pre-Expo event put on by THQ, and he spent a little time with the game without all the flashy lights and distractions of the world’s largest gaming event.

In his lengthy preview, Eeoor walks in with somewhat negative expectations. He admits that he “never really got into” the original, Metro 2033, and had some doubts about whether the sequel would break free from the shackles of its predecessor. Did his opinions change after watching someone play the game for 13 minutes? Did he fall in love with Metro: Last Light? You’ll have to read to find out!

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