Paramount prepares gamers for World War Z

Ahem: World War Z is a book by Max Brooks, and it is all about zombies. Soon, it will become a movie that is also all about zombies. And if a recent trademark filing is to be believed, it will also become a video game. Yep, it’ll be all about zombies, too.

World War Z - Movie Poster

Well, where were you?

Paramount Pictures has filed a trademark for World War Z in the United States, claiming that it will be used for a “downloadable electronic game program, electronic game software or video game cartridge/disc”.

Rather than tying in directly with Brooks’ novel, the trademark is more likely to relate to a companion game alongside the upcoming Brad Pitt zombie flick, currently enjoying a rewrite at the hands of Damon Lindelof, the pen behind Lost and Prometheus. The film was first announced back in 2006 and has been moving somewhat sluggishly since then – here’s hoping the game’s not too far off!

World War Z is the next step in Paramount‘s ongoing move into the interactive entertainment space. If it continues the impressive precedent set by last year’s delightful War of the Worlds adaptation, or the upcoming Star Trek film tie-in, we’re in for a definite (zombie) treat!

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