Train Conductor Kids' Mode gets a little bit cute

There are some new faces onboard Train Conductor, with Australian developer The Voxel Agents introducing new Cute Trains to the mix. A new gameplay mode does away with traditional trains, replacing them with the happy dolphin, the cuddly koala, the grumpy snake, the colourful rosella, and my favourite – the sleepy platypus.

[img_big]center,40,2012-07-17/Melbourne-ScreenShot.png,Cute trains![/img_big]

Loudly proclaiming No adults allowed!, the new mode has been designed specifically for younger gamers. The trains have been made a bit bigger, a bit slower and a lot cuter, and The Voxel Agents are excited to see just what this means for the franchise.

Months ago, the Voxel team posted the idea for an additional kids’ mode on their Facebook page, and watched the conversation quickly become the most active post in the studio’s history.

Voxel Agent Tom Killen says:

Parents loved the idea and other people just wanted to play with the cute trains themselves. We also put some artwork on Twitter and Facebook and many people got super excited about it so that’s when we decided to properly commit to creating a kids mode.

It didn’t take too long for the team to come up with some “super cute models” and an assortment of new level sequences, and the new “colourful and fun” Train Conductor was born!

[img_three]40,2012-07-17/Cairns1.png,2012-07-17/BV1.png,2012-07-17/Sydney-Screen-Shot.png,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Killen explains the game is a personal project for him:

I have a number of nieces who are all under the age of 9 so I’m quite excited to see them play. They all live up in Queensland so next time I travel north to visit the family I will certainly be placing an iPad in their hands to see how much they enjoy the new mode. It always made me feel bad as a game developer when they would play the original Train Conductor and crash after maybe 5 trains, so it will be quite exciting as an uncle to watch them enjoy the game for longer!

If you want to check this one out, the process is pretty simple. First, you’ll need a copy of Train Conductor, which is a Universal App available in the App Store (iOS only at this stage, sorry!). Once you’ve got the game, head to the settings screen (via the main menu or the in-game pause screen), and select the Kids Mode / Cute Trains in-app purchase.

As an added bonus, the team has also listened to gamer feedback: You can now unlock all levels through a simple in-app purchase, if you’re not keen on the idea of earning all of the XP required to progress through each map.

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