Wright, Schafer, Romero playable in BigHead Bash

Tim Schafer, Will Wright, Ian Livingstone, John Romero and American McGee star in the next update for BigHead BASH, the free-to-play online deathmatch from Spicy Horse. We say “deathmatch”, we mean “with toys” – these five award-winning developers are appearing as, well, big-headed doll versions of themselves, duking it out inside the toy shop.

BigHead Bash - Game Designer Pack

Ain’t they cute!?

This new “Game Designer” pack is just the latest in a long line of bonus features added to the free-to-play game. The developers join characters inspired by Alice: Madness Returns, the US Presidential campaign and Dr. Romanelli (there are others inspired simply by awesome weaponry, by the way).

Spicy Horse promises that still more licensed content is on the way, so you should be able to add your favourite characters to the game before too long.

…and yes, this is a slightly narcisisstic endeavour from American McGee – not only does he appear as a bad-ass vinyl figurine in-game, but he’s also the CEO of Spicy Horse, which designed BigHead Bash as part of its free-to-play content push.

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